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Our volunteer Walk Leaders offer walks on our Programme which normally provides two walks per week, for most weeks of the year. The programme covers a four month period and is issued three times a year. Leaders have plenty of freedom  as to what walks they choose and where to walk them, making our Programme both varied and interesting. For both existing and new leaders the Ramblers website offers help, advice and support covering all aspects of being a leader. This can look a bit daunting, but with support from experienced leaders in the Group it soon becomes second nature. A Walk Leaders pocket checklist is amongst the help offered and can offer a quick guide to what should be considered when planning and leading a walk. For existing and new members who would like to give walk leading a go but would like help and support, below is our ‘win win’ suggestion with ‘no-strings’ attached .
There are several experienced walk leaders in the Group who would be happy to do any or all of the following: If you didn’t know where to go, the experienced walker will agree a suitable walk with you and arrange to put it on the programme. Provide the Maps. Come with you on the walkover so that you get the chance of having a go at route finding. And If, at the end of the walkover you felt that leading the walk was a bit too much of a challenge, the experienced walker will be prepared to lead the walk on the programme date. If you do decide to lead the walk and things do not go quite to plan don’t worry too much, the experienced walk leader will be on the walk with you and carry the can if things go awry!!
If you feel that you and a friend too, might like to try this idea,  please contact David on 01452 418417 who will liaise with a leader that will be only too happy to help.



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