Green Lane Nature Reserve Cross Painswick Road under the motorway bridge and climb the stile on your left. Walk across the field towards a footbridge. Cross the footbridge and playing field into a lane and follow it into  the churchyard of St. Leonard's Church. (7) Glevum Way - Section 3 Upton St. Leonards to Hucclecote (2.5 miles/4km) Turn left into a lane and continue to a bridleway on the left of Home Farm. Follow the bridleway and at a fingerpost take the first path on the right to a waymarked gate. Go through the gate, turn left and follow a tree-lined path to a footbridge and hedge, go over the bridge and turn right and with the hedge on your right, go ahead and cross a second footbridge. Then bear slightly left and join a path with a new housing estate on your right and continue straight ahead to cross another footbridge. Bear diagonally left through a gap in the hedgerow to a stile. Climb the stile and turn left onto a road over the motorway. Here is a view of Hucclecote Hay Meadows. (8)  Leave the Churchyard by the church main gates and cross straight ahead into Bondend Road. Continue along Bondend Road until it reaches a junction with Perry Orchard. Turn left onto a footpath between two houses. Follow this footpath to a staggered crossroads. Go straight ahead to a road and continue to the entrance to Bowden Hall (Hotel). Go along  the road and turn right into Laxton Road and then immediately right onto a path leading to Appleton Way. Follow this path to a left-hand bend with a metal kissing gate on the right. Go through the gate into Green Lane Nature Reserve and follow the grassy path with the motorway on your right then through a wooden kissing gate.  With a Severn Trent compound fence on your right hand go ahead and bear slightly right onto a footpath through trees following a brook on the right. On the left and lower down is another nature reserve with shallow ponds. Eventually the path curves left and to join a pavement and a footpath on the right to a bridge crossing the brook. Go across and then turn left into Carisbrooke Road and continue to the junction with Hucclecote Road passing Hucclecote Methodist Church (9) on your right. Churchdown             Lane Hucclecote Road Laxton Road St. Leonards Church Bowden Hall 7 9 The Ash     Path Perry Orchard N St. Leonard's Church GW fingerpost in St. Leoards churchyard Hucclecote Meadows (Courtesy of R. Lawrence) Methodist Church Hucclecote   Meadows River  Twyver Start of Section 3 End of Section 3 Mapping is adapted from © OpenStreetMap contributors License CC BY-SA 4.0 Carisbrooke Road Abbeymead Avenue Upton    Lane Bondend Road Rance Pitch M5 Motorway Corncroft Lane Painswick Road Wheatway Lobleys Drive V4 V3 fingerpost footbridge footbridge Home Farm GW G V E L U M A Y W Appleton Way Watton Brook